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I am a registered professional archaeologist with work experience in academia, cultural resource management, and compliance. I also have a strong background in ethnography and meet the Secretary of the Interior's professional qualifications for history and archaeology. My work began in my hometown, Jacksonville, Florida, focusing on African American cemetery archaeology and preservation. As a scholar and descendant of Africans held captive in the American colonies, it has been my life's work to produce scholarship that serves the communities I study. Such endeavors require centering descendant communities. This work has culminated in my forthcoming book 'Sites of Memory': A Study of Historic African American Cemeteries in Jacksonville, Florida.

In 2020, I began to expand my work in terrestrial archaeology to include maritime archaeology projects that center on the material culture of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. As a Slave Wrecks Project research diver for the National Museum of African American History and Culture, my work existed at the intersection of maritime archaeology, descendant community engagement, and ocean conservation. I have also begun to make my mark as a public scholar, growing my social media presence and establishing relationships with filmmakers, networks, and production companies like ABC, MSNBC, Discovery, History Channel, and Science Channel. Television and social media platforms are powerful tools for knowledge production. Media outlets such as these have helped me to engender narratives of the African American experience that resonate with a wide range of audiences and actively engage the public in scholarly work.

In February of 2023, I founded the Association for Black Feminist Anthropology. Over the next five years, I will continue to grow this organization and lead archaeological projects that foster sustainable methods of practice in archaeology and help cultivate the next generation of cultural heritage stewards.

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